Business Licenses

Licenses for businesses operating within the City of Rhinelander.  Licenses are valid for 1 year starting July 1 and ending June 30.  
If a business applies for a license for use in May and June, they will still need to renew the license in June. 

Tobacco License  
Fee $100
Must be submitted with a copy of the sellers permit.

Weights and Measurements
Fees $25 per device up to nine(9) devices.  Ten(10) or greater equals $250. 

Amusement and Arcade License
Fees:  1-8 devices $25 each
           10 or more devices $500 for Major Arcade License
Complete application must be summited with a copy of agent's current identification

Carnival/Circus Application
Fees:  $100/day
AND If applicable
            $10 Per day for show, exhibition or performance attendant or traveling with such circus to which a separate admission fee is charged or may be required.

--OR--$50 if a local civic or charitable organization is sponsoring the event, and can provide assurance that their organization will assist in inspection and policing

Theater License
Fee $100

Taxicab License
Fee $50/cab

Temporary Banner/Sign Request 

Transient Merchant License
Fee $50 for Single Day
        $100 for Multi-Day
        $25 for a replacement of lost permit
Approval(within 72) and issuance will be done by Rhinelander Police Department