We Want to Hear From You

If you have a specific complaint about property maintenance use the Citizen Request and Complaint Portal. 
Registration is required prior to submitting a property complaint.  An email will be sent to the registrant once approved.  After registering once, the registrant will not need to do so again for the Citizen Request and Complaint Portal. 

If you have a specific complaint about streets that the City of Rhinelander maintains use this form. If this is about a street light outage use the Wisconsin Public Service form here. 

Resident Feedback Form is for general topics. 

The City of Rhinelander is committed to providing quality service to our citizens and visitors.  It is essential to us that relationships with community members are built on trust and transparency. We believe that serving the community is a shared responsibility and also recognize that it requires personal accountability.

City employees are responsible for their personal conduct while interacting with members of our community.
When a members of our team goes above and beyond to help others we want to hear about it. 

If you have a recommendation for improvement, have a question, need to file a complaint, or wish to recognize a
Rhinelander City employee for their work, please let us know.

Please note: All communications with the City are subject to Open Records Requests.