Open Records Requests

The State of Wisconsin has a tradition of open government. It has tasked each municipality with providing access to public records. Learn more about Wisconsin’s public record policies.

Access to City of Rhinelander public records is governed by:

Public Records-

  • The City Clerk's Office is the custodian of records for the Common Council as a body politic.
  • The City Clerk's Office is the custodian of records for City boards, committees and commissions.
  • The City Clerk’s Office is the custodian of local election and campaign finance records.
  • The City Clerk's Office will alert the appropriate custodian should the request be of a different topic.
  • Each alderperson is the custodian of their individual official records. This includes their correspondence, memorandums and email.
  • For Rhinelander Police Department records visit Police Department Records.
  •  The City Clerk's Office facilitates the acquisition of Rhinelander Fire Department fire reports.

Not sure who to contact? The Clerk’s Office is always happy to help you figure out who has the records you seek.

How to Request a Public Record-

  • In person at the Rhinelander Clerk's office at 135 S Stevens St., Rhinelander, WI 54501
  • In writing by mailing the request to
    Rhinelander City Clerk's Office
    135 S Stevens St
    Rhinelander WI 54501
  • by email -
  • by phone - 715-365-8600 ext 1

Public Record Fees-

The Director of Information Technology and the Finance Director have developed a uniform fee schedule for public records requests and the reproduction of records.