Personal Property Taxes



Regarding the passage of AB 245:

2023 Personal Property Taxes are still due to the city by Jan 31, 2024.

2024-As a result of AB 245, Wisconsin will not issue 2024 tangible personal property assessments, and 2024 Statements of Personal Property, otherwise due on March 1, 2024, will not be required.


The personal property tax has been a part of the General Property Tax code since Wisconsin became a state in 1848.

In the beginning, it included taxes on everything everyone owned or used. Over the years, most kinds of personal property have been exempted by statute including personal household possessions, certain farm and manufacturing property and property owned and used by a growing list of exempt organizations such as the YMCA, Fraternal societies and hospitals.    

Today it could best be called the business personal property tax, because the tax has largely been restricted to property used in for-profit activities.  

Under Wisconsin statute, “personal property” includes all goods, wares, merchandise, chattels and effects of any nature or description having any mercantile value and not included in the term “real property”, excluding your personal possessions reserved for personal use.

For purposes of the business personal property tax, this includes the actual physical “items” you use in the daily operation of your business, including furniture, fixtures, machinery, equipment, electronics, leased equipment, supplies, signs, boats and all remodeling costs NOT paid for by your landlord.

If it benefits you in your business operation and you would have to buy it or pay for it if you needed it, than it is included in the business personal property tax.  This does not include stock-in-trade or computers, software and computer peripherals.

Businesses!  Are you new to the City? Are you an existing business that has upgraded or down graded equipment?

Use this form to add or modify your business's property so that you are properly assessed.  Complete this form between Jan 1 and March 1 of a given year and submit your Statement of Personal Property Taxes to Associated Appraisal Consultants via email at or call them at 920-749-1995 for more information. 

If a business moves out of the City of Rhinelander they must alert either Associated Appraisal(920-749-1995) or the City Clerk's Office(715-365-8600) so that they can be removed the tax roll for the following year.  Personal Property Taxes are not prorated and the business will still owe the Personal Property Tax bill for the year in which they moved out of the City of Rhinelander.


To find your Personal Property Tax bill go here.

Personal property tax bills are mailed in mid December and are due Jan 31st to the City of Rhinelander. 
Before January 31st personal property taxes can be paid via credit card(online link will be available Mid November-January 31st), check(payable to the City of Rhinelander) or cash. 

City of Rhinelander DOES collect personal property taxes after January 31st. 

After Jan 31st interest and penalty will be assessed to unpaid Personal Property Taxes.  Payment can only be made by check(payable to City of Rhinelander) or cash. 

Payments can be mailed or walked into the Rhinelander City Clerks Office, 135 S Stevens St, Rhinelander WI 54501.