Information about taxes due to the City of Rhinelander.

2024 Open Book and Board of Review

City of Rhinelander has four types of taxes:

1) Sales Tax- 5.5%  Oneida County sales tax at .5%.  State sales tax is 5%. Rhinelander has 0% sales tax. 
2) Property Tax-The tax on your home or business property
3) Prat Tax- .5% WI DOR Premier Resort Area Tax  

4) Room Tax-A 5.5% tax for residing for a continuous period of less than one month in a hotel, motel or other furnished accommodations available to the public. 

Personal Property Tax-2024-As a result of AB 245, Wisconsin will not issue 2024 Statements of Personal Property for exempt personal property. 
     Exemption applies to:
     a. Personal property as defined in sec. 70.04, Wis. Stats.
     b. Steam and other vessels, furniture, and equipment
     • Exemption does not apply to:
     a. Real property as defined in sec. 70.03, Wis. Stats.
      b. Buildings, improvements and fixtures on leased land, exempt land, forest croplands and managed forestland assessed            as real property under sec. 70.17(3), Wis. Stats.
      c. Sec. 70.17(3), Wis. Stats., also requires real property assessment of manufactured and mobile homes unless subject to a            parking permit fee under sec. 66.0435(3), Wis. Stats., or otherwise exempt under a state law
      d. Utility property subject to state taxation under sec. 76.025(2), Wis. Stats.
For more information, review the WI Dept of Revenue memo from Dec 5, 2023.

Wisconsin Department of Revenue 2024 Guide for Property Owners

Wisconsin Department of Revenue Property Tax Overview

Anatomy of a tax bill.  This bill format is the same for both Property and Personal Property Taxes.
Anatomy of a Tax Bill