Urban Forestry

Rhinelander's Urban Forestry is overseen by the Urban Forestry Tree Board and the City Forester, Tom Jerow.  They work with the Public Works Department to plan where trees should be planted and which trees should be removed. 

 The Urban Forestry Tree Board shall have advisory powers only. The Urban Forestry Tree Board shall advise the Common Council on matters of the urban forestry program. The urban forest program shall include planning for planting, maintenance and removal of trees located in City boulevards and public areas and educating citizens about the City's tree resource.

The City Forester will work with City staff on tree care, maintenance, tree planting and removal. The City Forester shall also be main point of contact for the public regarding the City's urban forest. The Board shall make such recommendations to the Council as it deems proper and shall meet with the Common Council as necessary.

Urban Forester

Tom Jerow

Urban Forester