Tourist Rooming Houses

Each Tourist Rooming house must meet these performance standards to obtain its Conditional Use Permit from the Plan Commission. 

City of Rhinelander Ordinance 

(17) Tourist house. A permanent dwelling unit where sleeping accommodations are offered for pay to tourists or transients for periods of time of seven days or fewer. Commercial lodgings consisting of structures with rentable rooms or suites shall instead be regulated as a "commercial indoor lodging" use (or if a room in a residence operated by the primary resident, a "bed and breakfast"). Also, does not include any "rooming house," which is described and regulated separately. Any restaurant, arcade, fitness center, and other on-site facility available to non-lodgers is not considered an accessory use and therefore requires review as a separate principal land use.

Performance standards:

1. The use must meet all performance standards associated with the type of dwelling in which it is located.

2. Occupancy shall be limited to two persons per bedroom, plus an additional two persons. At no time may the number of guests exceed eight regardless of the number of bedrooms in the unit. Two exits are required for each bedroom.

3. The appearance of use of the tourist house shall not be altered in a manner that would cause the premises to differ from its residential character either by the use of colors, materials, construction, lighting, signs, or excessive noise.

4. No recreational vehicle may be used for living or sleeping purposes as part of a tourist house.

5. Prior to commencing operations, each tourist house must obtain a license from the State of Wisconsin and be registered with the City Clerk. Each tourist house is subject to room tax under Chapter 2.01 of the Municipal Code.

6. Minimum required off-street parking: one space per bedroom.

Parties interested in creating a tourist rooming house or similar entity for short term public housing are required to comply with
Rhinelander City Ord 5.04.10 
Oneida County Health Department requirements

Complete the Conditional Use Permit application and contact the Rhinelander City Inspections department to schedule a Public Hearing with the Plan Commission.