Rhinelander Police Department Core Values

Core Values

The values guiding the Rhinelander Police Department include:

1. Integrity

Uncompromising integrity and character is our standard. We have a continual focus on honesty and ethical decision making and will maintain trust and confidentiality in our positions.

2. Professionalism

We will be leaders in our community, strive for innovation in law enforcement, and perform our duties with competence.

 3. Respect

We respect the diversity of our community and the inherent differences in every individual.

4. Excellence

We strive to achieve excellence through continual focus on improvement, growth, technical and tactical proficiency and attention to detail. 

5. Accountability

We will be responsible for our performance and for the reputation and morale of our department. 

6. Commitment

We will provide selfless service to our community. 

7. Honor

We act with courage, a sense of duty, and will control our emotions and actions, regardless of circumstance. We will have the courage to confront danger and accept our moral responsibility to stand resolute against actions that compromise our values.

These values are supported by the behaviors and actions of employees as they live these values.  All employees are expected to represent the values of the department while in the workplace and off-duty.