Sprinkler Meters

To reduced the expense of watering your gardens and lawns and filling your pool, it is recommended that a sprinkler meter be used. The sprinkler meter measures the amount of water that is used to fill pools and water gardens and lawns.  When the meter reading is given to the city, the sewer charge for the quantity of water used will be deducted from the utility bill.  

Total cost for the sprinkler meter and accessories is $136.63 as of 12/23. Call Water Utility at 715-365-8600 ext 512 to request a meter. 

Place the sprinkler meter near the exterior house spigot, run a short hose from the house spigot to the entry end of the meter and then attach the garden hose to the exit end of the meter. Call the city with the initial meter reading upon install if not at zero. 

In order to receive the sewer charge credit property owners must provide the meter reading to the city.  Call the Water Utility at 715-365-8600 ext 512 to have the meter reading recorded.  Sprinkler meter readings can be give quarterly or yearly.