City Administrator

Patrick Reagan, City Administrator

Patrick began working for the City of Rhinelander in February 2023. Prior to this, Patrick was the Village Manager for the Village of Lake Odessa, Michigan; City Manager for the City of Crystal Falls, Michigan; Downtown Development Authority (DDA) Director/ Interim City Manager for the City of Portland, Michigan; and DDA Director for the City of Iron Mountain, Michigan. Patrick has also been employed in the retail and service sectors.

Patrick holds a Bachelors of Science degree in History, as well as a Masters of Public Administration degree, from Grand Valley State University.

What are the functions of a City Administrator?

Per the City's Code of Ordinance (2.01.23), "The Administrator, subject to the limitations defined in resolutions and ordinances of the City of Rhinelander and Wisconsin State Statutes, shall be the Chief Administrative Officer of the City, responsible only to the Mayor and the Council for the proper administration of the business affairs of the City, pursuant to the Statutes of the State of Wisconsin, the ordinances of the City of Rhinelander, and the resolutions and directives of the Council, with power and duties as follows:

1. Carry out directives of the Mayor and Council that require administrative implementation, reporting promptly to the Mayor and Council any difficulties encountered herein;

2. Be responsible for the administration of all day-to-day operations of the City government including the monitoring of all City ordinances, resolutions, Council meeting minutes and State Statutes;

3. Prepare a plan of administration, including an organization chart, which defines authority and responsibility for all nonstatutory positions of the City; and submit it to the City Council for adoption as the official organization and administrative procedure plan for the City;

4. Establish when necessary administrative procedures to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of City government according to current practices in local government, not inconsistent with Subsection (4)(a)3 of this Section or directives of the Mayor and Council;

5. Serve as a member of all boards, commissions and committees of the City, as determined by the Mayor and the Council;

6. Keep informed concerning current federal, State, and County legislation and administrative rules affecting the City and submit appropriate reports and recommendations thereon to the Council;

7. Keep informed concerning the availability of federal, State and County funds for local programs. Assist department heads and the Council in obtaining these funds under the direction of the Mayor and the Council;

8. Represent the City in matters involving legislative and inter-governmental affairs as authorized and directed as to that representation by the Mayor and Council;

9. In conjunction with the Mayor, act as public information officer for the City with the responsibility of assuring that the news media are kept informed about the operations of the City and that all open meeting rules and regulations are followed;

10. Establish and maintain procedures to facilitate communications between citizens and City government to assure that complaints, grievances, recommendations and other matters receive prompt attention by the responsible official, and to assure that all such matters are expeditiously resolved;

11. Promote the economic well-being and growth of the City through public and private sector cooperation.

The City Administrator's office is located in Rhinelander City Hall, at 135 South Stevens Street. The Administrator may also be reached via phone at (715) 365-8600, ext. 501 or by email at: 

City Administrator

Patrick Reagan

City Administrator