Save Water, Save Money

Saving Water Saves Money
Securing water leaks saves money.
Leaking toilets can account for a surprisingly large amount of water, as most leaks are located in the tanks where they can't be seen or heard. Leaking faucets, event those with small leaks of 60 drops per minute, can waste around 260 gallons per month. Most leaks at faucets and toilets can be repaired with simple tools and inexpensive parts available at most hardware stores. 

If you suspect a leak from your toilet, you can acquire leak detection tabs from the Utility Office, for free, or add food coloring to the tank, and follow the instructions provided here:


Check your water system for leaks.  
Here's how to tell if you have a leak and how much water you are loosing.
1) Find your water meter- It may be in the basement or where the water line enters your home. Some meters are not accessible to homeowners, or tenants. Check with water officials or landlords if you can't find your meter.
2) Read the meter twice- Read it first at night, after the day's water use has ended -- and again in the morning, before any water is used.
3) Find the difference- Subtract the first reading from the second reading to tell how much water leaked overnight.
4) Look for leaks- Find them by checking pipes, hoses, and connections.  Have leaks repaired quickly.   

EPA Fix a Leak Webpage

Detect y elimine fugas

To learn more about saving water and finding leaks go the EPA WaterSense webpage the EPA WaterSense YouTube channel
and the "Use Water Wisely, Control Water Costs" pamphlet available at City Hall or printable here.

Reducing usage saves money.

Save water and energy by showering better.  Use EPA WaterSense shower heads and learn more here

Focus on Energy Free Energy-Saving Packs
These packs have LED Light Bulbs, shower heads, aerators and pipe insulation all to help save on energy costs. 

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Ways to save on electric and gas can be found on the Wisconsin Public Service website.